Book:- Falling In Love
Author:- Neeraj Mishra
Publication:- RJ Publishers
Genre:- Romance


Was I Lost In the Book? Undoubtedly I Was.
True love stories have an unique aura and flavor that keeps you hooked till you keep the book down. They are innocent and beautiful in their own way and are meant to stay for generations to come. The genre of romance is highly appealing to those who have experienced the essence of love and relationships in their lives. An awesome tale of two beautiful tender hearts who proved that love can overcome any obstacle on its path and its beyond the caste, creed and religion. Its eternity and conquers at the end.
The title is apt and intriguing. I specially liked the cover page as the red roses makes it more beautiful fill your heart with romance. The author’s simple style of writing ,vivid descriptions, excellent storytelling, honesty makes it more appealing and easier to imagine things with eyes open. Words are straight from heart. A fresh tender love story of Manav and shriti who represent the present generation where technology is the media of the blooming of love. It is not only a love story but a story every youth can relate to. The perfect amalgamation of witty one line humour and the capturing of emotions is depicted at the perfect times.
The novel keeps you alive emotionally and urges you to complete the novel at one go. The protagonist Manav and his plans to win his girl and the family bonding described makes it a perfect novel. The bond between the father and the daughter makes you emotional. Although I felt the climax could have been a little better.
However, overall an awesome read. I would just say it is recommended for everyone who has ever fallen in love and who love fresh romantic love stories. All the best to the promising debut author. You have started writing with a bang. All the best and I am waiting for the next.


Book: Raakshas

Publisher: Westland Books

Author: Piyush Jha

Genre: Crime Thriller


A gripping thriller about a serial killer that will thrill you and keep you hooked till the last page. A vividly written spine chilling tale that talks not only about the murders of the Mundi-Cut serial killer of Mumbai but also the reasons that made him a serial killer.
The title is intriguing and strikes the chord with the superb idea of a red blooded eyed man holding a knife upright upon a plain background. It has the power to compel any reader to pick this book at that instant and “soon to be a motion picture” increases the urge to find out what’s inside.
The first line ‘He became a killer the minute he was born. His mother died in childbirth’ is highly appealing reflecting a disturbed childhood and what drove him to this behavior. This brings sympathy for him at the same times enrages hatred for his present scenario.
Piyush Jha’s unconventional writing style, vivid description of the killings, excellent story telling with elegantly simple English makes it even more adorable. It proved that an ample amount of research is the backforce. The novel also raises an eyebrow on the political situation of the country and the present law and order and the lack of support and encouragement for the uniformed due to political pressure.

At the end of the book, the real life accounts of the lesser known serial killers of India gives an edge above other books. The right emotions had me totally engaged in the book. However, despite his extensive research at places, the narrations lingered a lot making it look slow and boring and it was loosing its pace.
However, a promising read. Recommend this novel to all the crime thriller lovers out there.
P.S.- Considering the fact that this would be turned into a motion picture, it would be highly interesting to see the plot of the book transformed into a cinematic picture and how much justice does the movie does.


We are deprived of sleep, but never of dreams.

We are strong, but always emotional.

We are gems of the society, but always undervalued.

We are proud, but never egoistic.

We sacrifice our lives, but to save lives of others.

We do many things, that a common man considers nasty.

We may not earn 100 billion dollars in our life, but definitely we all have got 100 billion neurons in our brains working to their maximum potential.

Hats off to those real heroes called DOCTORS…..

Really proud to be a medico…..:)